I Hate Feet!!!

Well, I don't hate feet as you well know, but the number of times I hear that comment or simply a screwed up face when I mention that I look after feet for my chosen profession.

I hate feet

In fact it happened again today to me, and I thought i'd reach out to you to see if you can explain why some people really do hate feet?  Is it that they hate feet or that they hate their feet being touched? The recipient of the comment today told me "you'd never get to look at my feet" as she backed away from me during a blogging workshop that she was hosting.  

This got me thinking and I have offered her a proposal......  I will give her a complimentary foot treatment (which I know most people would adore), and if she would DARE accept I would love her write me a review as a guest blogger here and see if I can banish her foot fear and possibly encourage some other foot haters to treat their feet.  How could she refuse?

Go on, tell me if you hate your feet....

Taking my First Step!

Well, thats it I've gone and done it...... started my blog that is.  I've been talking about doing this for a while now and I've finally taken the plunge.  Firstly, I'd like to welcome you and secondly thank you for taking the time to read this.  I want this area to focus on foot care advise, hints and tips for looking after your feet and also highlight important events in the Happy Feet calendar. 

So keep in touch and let me know your thoughts on any foot topics we can discuss. 

Gerardette McGivern

Gerardette McGivern