Gait Analysis / Biomechanics

Free Foot Assessment

 A Free Foot Exam is the ideal way to identify if your foot, leg, hip or back pain is linked to your posture.  It takes 15 mins and the podiatrist will examine your feet and ankles and discuss medical history to diagnose the pain. From this assessment a pair of temporary orthoses may be prescribed or a bio mechanic assessment advised.


Biomechanic Assessment £80

Biomechanic assessments analyse the posture and gait to identify if any aches or pains are linked to the way your foot is functioning.  The assessment lasts 1hour and is a thorough investigation into the symptoms you are experiencing then the feet and legs are manipulated to identify anomalies from the normal expected movements. From this investigation a pair of prescription orthoses can be manufactured that are tailor made for you.  A fitting appointment for the orthoses and a review are included with this service.


Orthoses £50- £145

A full range of ready to wear orthoses are in stock and have many individual features that are beneficial to particular foot complaints.  Alternatively prescription Orthoses can be fabricated for a tailor made service. (prices vary)